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September 16, 2015  |  Daniel Zloty - City Prov/State Country

Hi Patricia. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your performance at the Legends show in Halifax and particularly wanted to thank you for the nice video you did to honour my mother Dianne Leigh on her induction this past weekend.

You are a class act. Thank-you

August 8, 2015  |  Gerard Nolastname - Toronto ON Canada

Hi Patricia, just wanted to thank you for your music over the years. I bought Bad Day For Trains when it first debuted back in the early 90's and was instantly hooked. I can listen to your songs over and over, your lyrics, your music, your voice, all perfect! I love the roots I feel when I hear any one of your songs. Thank you for bringing your wonderful music to life. Best regards, Gerard

February 20, 2015  |  Bob Fortin - Nelson B.C. Canada

Glad to see you are still on top. I still connect with some of the Field and London folks. All is well

February 17, 2015  |  David Maye - Pointe Claire Prov/State Country

Hello Patricia, you look more beautiful the older you get! Sounds like you had a good tour with Michelle. Will you be playing Montreal in the near future? Maybe you and Michelle should consider the Rialto Theater.

January 24, 2015  |  Shayne Stanton - Abbotsford British Columbia Canada

Hi Patricia. I have to jog your memory a bit because it has been over 20 years since we first met. I was the senior security supervisor at the Bonanza Park venue at the 1993 Edmonton Klondike Days when you were performing there and we got a long so great. I kinda miss you still because you were so friendly and approachable. I still listen to your awesome music quite a bit and hope that I get the chance to see you again. I am also going to send a letter to your agent to give to you because I want to catch up and all considering 21, almost 22 years is a long time. I so cherished that time. Oh and the ccma thing you wanted to get the public to vote on for you, if I recall I did vote for you.

December 11, 2014  |  Mike Francis - Ottawa ON Country

Hi Patricia, You were fabulous on your Northern Tour to the North Pole. Great to meet such a personable entertainer. You are the best.

November 17, 2013  |  Gary Gilliam - windsor ON Canada

Years ago at the Calgary Stampede I heard your record, "A Thousand Trails", being played. I fell in love with it, and for years now have attempted to locate the song. Could you please give me some leads? Thanks for great music.

November 16, 2013  |  Shaggy Derksen - Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico

Hola Patricia!!

I was thrilled to hear that you will be playing next Friday in MAZATLAN !! I am picking up tickets for myself and 3 guests for the show at Playa Mazatlan on Monday, can't wait! As a Canadian in Mazatlan, I host the only all English radio in the City. The show is called "Legends of Rock with Shaggy" I am live in the studio Thursday from 7-10 pm on EXTASIS Digital 97.1 fm. The station gave us the tiny studio, lol, but we have exploded in popularity thanks to the great local musicians that come on the show. I would be honored to have you as a guest live on the show if your schedule permits.

Can't wait for the show. SHAGGY Cell: 669-111-8002

September 10, 2013  |  Sue Parker - Ottawa ON Canada

Hi Patricia, just wanted to say drop by and sai hi. Hope you're in Ottawa soon. Would really like to go see you in concert. Been a long time. Sue Parker

September 5, 2013  |   * First Name * Last Name - City Prov/State Country

Hi Patricia Dont know how I got on yr G.Book but hope you are having fab time Lots of love XOXO Mom

September 2, 2013  |  mary hart-kane - woburn ma Country

Hi Patricia. I just listened to you interview with Big Al. Nice job. I am one of your Boston cousins,my Mother was your father's Aunt Nora. I was in Ireland last month visiting Martin and Mary Conroy.we talked about you and your sucess. Keep up the good work and please say Hi to your fathe & give him my love. Mary

August 12, 2013  |  Heather Moffatt - Exeter ON Canada

Awesome songwriters concert in Exeter, ON August 10 - wow you ladies rock!

July 24, 2013  |  Robin Hardy - London Ontario Canada

Absolutely Love your music!! Hope to be able to catch your show in Exeter. Any plans for a new cd soon? I have all of your cd's and would like to here you on our local country station BX93. Have a Wonderful summer

July 10, 2013  |  Hank Thomas - Brookfield Ohio USA

See you Nov. 22 in Mazatlan.You will like it there.Santa

June 27, 2013  |  bob parsons - exeter ont. canada

hi Patrica i am a member of the rodeo group in exeter great to have you come to our town look forward o it thanks

June 26, 2013  |  Cris P - Toronto ON Canada

Favourite all time song "I don't want to be the one'. Beautifully written lyrics. Your voice is insanely rich and full, saw you live and couldn't get over how you sounded even better in person than on radio (and that was great to start with). Often bands sound worse in person than on their produced albums but not you.

January 31, 2013  |  Jim Hayes - Hamilton ON Canada

Hear you have a birthday coming up. (Michelle let it slip on her Facebook page). Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy the 'Dinner'. Have lots of fun with Michelle!

December 5, 2012  |  Cam gruber - Medicine Hat alberta Canada 6686

DEAR PATRICIA i saw you in medicine hat.when you where on the holiaday train. a cpr police officer called you over after you were done your performance. you gave me a big hug' .if you ever come back to calgary canada to play i would love to see you in concert. cam gruber

September 6, 2012  |  Ben Wood - Orillia ON CA

Thank you, truly, for your hard work over the years. Not too many female vocalists have timeless art as yours.

Still a listening fan in Ontario, Ben

August 25, 2012  |  Peter Lackenbauer - Kitchener Ontario Canada

Hello Patricia Like anyone whohas heardyou, I am a long time fan. I have seen you perform here several years ago and long before that I remember a song from early in your career called " A THOUSAND RAILS(to misery)". I taped this song off the radio back in 1990 or 91 and fell in love with your voice . However, I have tried to get a copy of this song for years and cannot find it anywhere. Could you please help a fan out and tell me where I can obtain this ? Thanks for your time and I hope to see you visit us again soon, here in Kitchener Ontario. Peter Lackenbauer

August 3, 2012  |  Sarah Meadows - Douglas wy usa

Hey Patricia, I really enjoy your music!! I went to grade school with Bob's sister Terri Funk in Carrot River. If your ever in or near Cheyenne, wy let me like to see your show! Sarah

July 16, 2012  |  Mairin Ui Cheide-Keady - Boston Ma USA

Hi Patricia A great voice and lyricist!!! Delighted we hold an ancestory in common. I met your father last week in Kingston at a Gaelic Event. a week ago. We are from the same place in Galway and of course he knew all my kinfolk as I know his. It was such a joy to be in his company, his fluent unaffected flow of Gaelic a tribute to his greatness as an Irishman.I am a celtic /gaelic singer so I sang all the familar songs of his childhood to him. My late uncle and he were school pals too. Small world this big old continent after all. I look forward one day to meet yo too. I am enjoying your work. God Bless Mairin Ui Cheide.

February 10, 2012  |   Tyke Catterton - Fort Worth TX USA

Tyke Catterton - School teacher in Fort Worth, TX

January 24, 2012  |  Roger Burrows - Saint John NB Canada

Sorry it's taken so long to thank you for the great show in Saint John years ago. I still have the signed program and hope to see you again in the future. Any chance of visiting Grand Manan on your next Canadian tour?

January 9, 2012  |  EDWARD O'DONNELL - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Have been a fan of your music form day one, also back in the days when you played the Wild West..Take care and Happy New Year. irish music rocks...

December 6, 2011  |  Allen Evans - Kelowna BC Canada

Michelle Wright gave a very great compliment to Patricia Conroy at her recent Christmas Special performance. Good for you girls both of you.

November 10, 2011  |  Ben O - City BC Canada

Hi Patricia,

Love your music since i first heard it about 1995 or so.!! I think the first video i saw was "Keep Me Rockin", well it did! :)

Hope to see you near Kelowna or Penticton, B.C. for your next tour, is there a new CD soon? it's been 5 years, that's a long time!

October 21, 2011  |  rob burns - kingstion ont canada

i really enjoy her music

October 2, 2011  |  Terry SEay - Franklin Tennessee USA

Visiting your website and getting very excited about the House Concert on October 29th. We so look forward to having you come and be a part of this event... Thanks Terry Seay

September 19, 2011  |   * First Name * Last Name - City Prov/State Country

Was,at Metifest as well.Love your music,and spirit.:).You signed a pohoto for my mom,she`s fighting cancer,,Yeah...

September 9, 2011  |  larry chartrand - calgary alberta canada

heard that you are coming to Calgary. So I got 2 tickets for the show and the meet and greet before the show.This is my wifes B-Day present and she is really excited.Well we both are and are looking forward to meeting you and hearing you sing for us.Hope you have time to enjoy Calgary while your here.We are proud of our city and excited to have all of you here. Thx. from Larry and Christina Chartrand

September 2, 2011  |  George Leslie - Orleans Ontario Canada

I saw you last when you were just coming up in Calgary too many years ago when you were on the Coca Cola Stage and I fell in love with your voice then. You must do some more tours and i would love to hear you live again. Maybe Hamilton.

August 28, 2011  |  Terry Maksymetz - Brandon Manitoba Canada

Just saw you at the Metisfest at the Peace Gardens. You look great and sound terrific. Thank you for a wonderful show. Terence M.
August 24, 2011  |  Marty Hornstein - Calgary Alberta Canada

Heard you were coming to the Jubilee in Calgary. With Jimmy Rankin and Beverley Hood and Dan Hill. That is awesome. Can't wait. October 5th...right?
August 18, 2011  |  Dave Stokes - Pickering ON Canada

Will you be touring in Ontario soon?

July 26, 2011  |  David carson - Ottawa ont. Canada

Hello Pat. I am writing from Ottawa. I saw you her3e back in the late nineties at a festival and again i believe it was at Havelock Jamboree it was 2007 I believe the year was. I am hoping that you will be coming here in the near future.You look great as usual and I wonder if you are still married and if so how's it going? Will you be coming out with a new cd soon. It's been to long without since 'Talking To Myself, which I enjoyed. Take care of yourself- David C.

July 24, 2011  |  Donna Horan - SF CA US

Hi Patricia myself and two friend own a production company in the bay area calle Minor Chord Productions and would love for you to play at our venue. Will be making contact with your contacts. Thank You for all your wonderful music. Donna Horan

June 25, 2011  |  Linda Head - Sydney Cape Breton Island Canada

We would welcome a visit here on the Island. Love your music & a great voice. Perhaps some day .

April 28, 2011  |  Richard Hunt - City Prov/State United States

I just heard your song "Talking to Myself for the first time the other day, all I can say is WOW!. Finally someone writes a song about all of us misunderstood people. Thank you so much. Keep up the Great Work

February 15, 2011  |  Real Fagnan - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hey Pat-It's moi, Real-long time! Nice to see your site-I just got on RN 2 days ago! I did 4 months on the Bamford express train, but I stepped off recently-need a little break to re-organize my life! I'll re-visit those altitudes again soon I'm sure. Your site looks wonderful-like you. Miss ya. love, Real

February 4, 2011  |  Laura Goulet - Salmo (village) BC Canada

Bonjour Patricia Conroy,

I think you have a gifted voice. I have one CD of yours "Wild as the wind", at my local radio station. I play the CD on my " Country Spotlight" program. I am wondering if you will consider sending your lasted CD for me to play on my program? I will appreciate it very much. I live in a rural area where no music stores exist.I really would enjoy giving your newest CD air time. Many thanks Laura

November 25, 2010  |  Jonathan Roper - Tidworth Hampshire United Kingdom

Hi Patricia, I'm a fan from the U.K and love your music! I've just been HUGELY lucky and been able to get a CD copy of your debut 'Blue Angel' album, I'm over the moon as it was the only album of yours I didn't have! If someone could pass my e-mail to the lady who wants 'Mary On The Dashboard' for her dad, I'd be happy to send it to her if she still needs it. Take care Patricia...I'm looking forward to a new album when you get the chance to put one out. Fond regards, Jonathan.
September 1, 2010  |  Dave Schnur - Mayerthorpe Alberta Canada

i`m one of your most lovely and very most loving fan of yours of all time, how is the weather doing these days so far. i was just just wondering if i could give you a big huge #KISSES# and a big huge #HUG# and also a most BIGGEST HUGE #SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES# all at the sametime too. i truly do love you a lot and do you love me too? DO YOU ACCEPT? you are the most lovable, beautiful and you are my most GREATEST AND BEST SINGER AND MOST ATTRACTIVE OF ALL TIME AND THAT IS WHY THAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOO and very most greatest country singer of all time, electrifying, cuteness, gorgeous, precious, adorable, loving, fantastic, prettiest, wonderful, sweetiest, impressive, terrific and very very most attractive singer person that you really are. i think about you a lot and do you think about me too. i still do have your cassette tape and it still sounds much more beautiful as your voice as well too my sweet honey. i wish i hope that i can see you again soon. bye the way I LOVE YOU HONEY. and this one is just for you only #SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHES# there you go. ps. please write soon. well take care and god bless and good luck to you in the future. well bye now and take care. bye and also I LOVE YOU TOO. bye for now HONEY. i also have a big huge CRUSH on you too. bye.
August 31, 2010  |  karen McGregor - Bowen Island BC Canada

Hi Pat, Been sooooo many years. Been following your work - you are still awesome. Deer Lodge renunion in 2011.........hoping to connect, Karen
July 28, 2010  |  Cindy VanElslander - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Hi Patricia,

My dad Don VanElslander is a huge fan of your song Mary on the dashboard. I have searched many record stores and can't seem to find the album anywhere. We found out a week ago that he has an inoperable brain cancer with litlle time left on this earth Since he's been in the hospital (ten days) he has been asking me everyday to bring him that song. He really just wants to hear it again. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for moving him with your song.

Cindy VanElslander

June 2, 2010  |  Joe Roffey - London Camberwell England

I love everthing about you and your voice is second to none. I would love to down load my favourite song, I don't wanna be the one. On video, I have the song downloaded, but the video would be great.. Hope you go forever. Joe. XXX
May 12, 2010  |  Anna * Last Name - Saskatoon SK Canada

Great to finally see this site - have been checking Yutube but only a couple songs - love "Whatta you care" over and over...Have seen you a couple tmes in B.C. and Saskatoon and always look to see where your heading...Canada's sweetheart!!
May 2, 2010  |  Mark Edson - Toronto ON Canada

Hi Patricia. yay, finally, after so many years, I'll be seeing you again at Tin Pan North here in Toronto!! See you soon!
April 20, 2010  |  Tim M - Toronto Ontario Canada

Patricia: I've enjoyed your music for about 15 years. Funny story... When my wife and I were on our honeymoon travelling by train from Montreal to the East Coast, we kept hearing your music. We thought it was from the next compartment and thought to ourselves 'gee, the folks next door have good taste.' Turns out the music was coming from my tape player in my suitcase which had accidentally turned on! Look forward to hearing your next album!! Cheers, Tim
April 20, 2010  |   * First Name * Last Name - City Prov/State Country

Hi Patricia, you keep me rockin is one of my fav songs ever. My question today is what is the name of the cut at the opening page of this biography site. thank you thank you thank you. Wish I could see you perform some day. Darrell
April 2, 2010  |  Paul Jancsik - Concho Arizona U.S.A

Dear Patricia...Not only are you extremely talented.You are very lovely as well.Have been a fan of yours for quite sometime.Since Bad Day For Trains.I have that cd as well as You Can't Resist.I just now found a copy of Wild As The Wind.I'll have to wait until next month for your latest album.I'll be haunting my mailman for Wild As The Wind.Never could understand why someone like Shania Twain or Martina McBride were so huge in this country and you weren't.It just isn't fair but you are still my NUMBER ONE!.Love ya,Patricia!.Paul J.(Concho,Az)
March 30, 2010  |  Larry Pearson - Burnaby B.C. Canada

Hi Patricia! It's been a long time since we last saw each other(20-22yrs) and you still look GREAT! Who am I? Well, do you remember playing at Boone County Cabaret in Coquitlam? I was the DJ then(Larry- glasses, hair-challenged) and you were, and still are, my favourite performer. I used to tease you about saying "Thank you, thank you very much" after every song. I knew you were going to go places and you really have. I really wish things were different back then but that's life. You still have a very special place in my heart. I'm so happy for your success, and you still have that 'shyness' look to you that made you so special. Still luv ya!
March 13, 2010  |  Réal Fagnan Fagnan - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hey Patricia! Glad to be able to finally visit your site-looks great! Hopefully, we'll catch up in person again sometime this year.(CCMA's maybe..?) It was fab to see you again at Dick Damron's tribute night in Calgary last year-what a great night. Your performance was so spot on! It meant a lot to Wendell to be able to catch up with you too-as you probably know he's not been well. I talked to him on the phone last week-he was in good spirits it seemed. All the best to you Pat, miss ya!
March 6, 2010  |  pat smith - barrie ontario canada

I enjoy your videos and your music is just the best....take care...keep up the great work,,,
February 10, 2010  |  margaret hopkins - galway Prov/State Ireland

Hi patrica. hope all is well with you and I often played your music. looking forward seeing you at christmas 2010.

love cousin margaret x 10/02/2010

February 10, 2010  |  margaret h-oibicin - connemara Prov/State Ireland

Hi Patrica 10.02.2010 Are you planing a trip to ireland to play music as you have a lot of fans here. We cant buy your cd in this country so may its your year to start planing a trip with your band. All our love margaret and friends. x
December 7, 2009  |  Bert Journault - Jasper AB cANADA

Hello from Jasper, don't hear you very much up here but always checking up on you. Miss you as our performer at the Rodeo Dance!!
October 11, 2009  |  Adria p - Rimbey Alberta Canada

Hello Patricia, I was at the Dick Dameron Tribute last week and was blown away with your singing!! I also love your haircut!! It really suits you! All the best!! Look forward to hearing more!!
October 11, 2009  |  david de wolf - white rock bc canada

Hi Patricai, from some old friends.......drummer with lyndia scott and bob's "sister", tequilla paralyzers, country in vancouver,surrey and beyond....glad your doing well. connected with taylor last month nice to see her after so many years...think about you often...hope you can connect with us...Dave and Mary deWolf
October 7, 2009  |  Darla Myers - Mojave Calif. USA

Dear Mrs. Conroy. Our family all LOVE your music ! We listen to ( It's almost Christmas ) All year . We love the work you do with Canadian National R.R. Holiday train. We hope you do more Christmas songs soon ! Take care ! and keep up the good work ! The Myers Family. :)

October 2, 2009  |  Chris MacClure - Vancouver BC Canada

Greetings Patricia, It was a pleasure to meet you at the CCMA Gift Lounge. I am the artist Chris MacClure who's giclee you autographed along with 25 other singers that night. Just wanted to thank you and let you know the art piece will be auctioned off at the gala event for the "Vancouver Children's Hospital Foundation" in Dec. You can view some of the photos of the others signing at my web site sincerely Chris


September 16, 2009  |  Shelly Dubois - Duncan British Columbia Canada

Hi Patricia. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Roundtables session at the CCMA's and I enjoyed your performance at the Songwriter's Cafe and the after party. Hope to meet up with you again someday.
September 6, 2009  |  Dave Schnur - Mayerthorpe Alberta Canada

i`m one of your most biggest and favorite fan of yours of all time, how is the weather doing these days so far. you are the most lovable, beautiful, favorite, electrifying, cuteness, gorgeous, precious, adorable, loving, fantastic, prettiest, wonderful, sweetiest and most impressive person that you are to me of course. well i guess i shall let you go so take great most wonderful care and may god bless you and keep you. ps. please write soon. and i wish you all of my best and brightest and great luck to you my dear and most of all i sure do love you with all of my heart too. i love you so much, your lips your eyes and your hole body is just wonderful and your beautiful looks and everything else and just fine by me to of course too. do you love me too? bye now and take care and god bless to you my dear. bye now.
August 31, 2009  |  Brien Foran - Eganville Ontario Canada

G'day Patricia: I totally love your song "MARY ON THE DASHBOARD"! I feel so safe driving because I myself have Mother Mary on my dashboard. The lyrics of this song reflect my exact sentiments as I always listen to this song when I am on a long distance drive.
August 18, 2009  |  Wendy Gray - Langley B.C. Canada

Hi Ms. Conroy.

I have to say i loved your song "what do you care" I used to sing it alot. i am a karaoke junkie and sing in the worship team at church, and have a released my own CD, but my voice isn't unique enough, not like yours. all the best!

Wendy Gray

August 17, 2009  |  Richard Botsford - Lyndonville NY US

Hi Patricia, old fan club member #49 here.. Saw you last night on Pour lamour du Country on the SRC French TV station that were can receive here in New York State, The TV guide said it was a new episode, but copywrite at end of show said 2007. I used to watch that tv all the time and I have not seen the show in years.
August 8, 2009  |  Josh Van Arnam - City Prov/State Country

Great Preformance! We saw you in Carstairs Alberta, and had a wonderful time. You are a gifted singer, who sounds just the same live as on your CD's! thanks for spending time in our quite little Alberta town, hope to see you again soon!
August 5, 2009  |  Ben O. - Peachland BC Canada

Hi Patricia!! I love your music

I love your song, "Top Of The World" on your myspace site... I hope it becomes your next single and a new album would be great!! I really hope you're recording!! You're great!! Stop in the Okanagan - (Penticton) Canadians all love you!!

August 2, 2009  |  Bernadette Ni chonghaile - Dublin Prov/State Ireland


Conas atá tú?

Co. na Gaillimhe

July 25, 2009  |  Ron Parent - Mission BC Canada

Hi Patricia, my wife and I had our first outing together at a concert you put on at The Nest at NAIT in Edmonton in late 1999. I had bought two tickets for your show and couldn't find anyone to go with me. I was a rooke instructor at the time and Tracey was a student who took pity on me when I offered my extra ticket to anyone in my class. We married in 2000 and just celebrated our 9th anniversary.

Thanks for the memories!

June 18, 2009  |  BEN OLTMANNS - Peachland BC CANADA



May 26, 2009  |  Cassey Young - Manning AB Canada

Hi Patricia, Hope all is well, we visited at the Toronto airport last March and looked through my Guitar Camp Book, i'm looking forward to this years camp and right after camp i'm moving to Nashville....say hi to CDJ for me..take care..Cassey
April 24, 2009  |  L. Stewart - Assiniboia Sask. Canada

I was to your show last night in Assiniboia. You are a very, very good singer. Pitch perfect I would say!
April 23, 2009  |  Donna * Last Name - Weyburn Saskatchewan Canada

Hi Patricia. I just saw you in concert here in town and was the one you commented to about my blue eyes. You are very talented and showed that tonite at the personable concert of 500 at the high school.  I like your approachable ways and personal touch when getting pics taken with your fans. You made a great impression on the people here in Weyburn. Thanks for such a great show. It was a privilege and thrill to meet you.
April 23, 2009  |  Jim Stewart - Assiniboia sk canada

Hi Patty--looking forward to seeing your acoustic show tonight here in Assiniboia at the Prince of Wales Theatre--your show being the flagship/windup performance booked by our hardworking committee--We just love your music and I know before we even see it that we WILL love it--many thanks for coming here---your a real star in our eyes Jim & Linda Stewart
April 21, 2009  |  Harold * Last Name - Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada

It was a great to see you at our Coffee House. Thanks for signing the guest book. Have a safe tour. Stop in again on your way through.

5th Ave Cup and Saucer Yorkton

April 18, 2009  |  Janet Dauvin - Redvers Prov/State Country

Hey Patricia, I was at your concert last night. Oh my goodness you have a very beautiful voice! I enjoyed all your songs. We were so blest to have you come to our little town. Bob and Mitch were also good! And so was Scooter! With laughter and smiles, Janet
April 17, 2009  |  Jack & Doris Borreson - Redvers SK CA

We thoroughly enjoyed your concert in Redvers. Thanks for coming to our small town and making it a bit more special... Please come again.
April 12, 2009  |  Cheryl Van Buskirk - Burnaby British Columbia Canada

Hello Patricia, We first met in Prince George in the early 80's years later attended your show at J.R. Country in Vancouver. I have been wanting to catch up with you ever since to congratulate you on all the wonderful music you have shared with your loyal fans over the years. You probably will not remember me I was the girl with the tan from Nova Scotia. Would love to hear form you Patricia. Sincerely Cheryl
April 10, 2009  |  peb0 sebastan - warshaw poland

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March 27, 2009  |  Warren Day - Stony Plain Alta Canada

Hi Guys, been awhile since I saw you two in Spruce Grove. I've enjoyed our chats immensly. In your tour news you did not say which venue you are playing at in Assinaboia. I think I'm going to be back in Sask. then and was thinking of swinging by to see you. Sorry Patricia, most of the places you asked about I don't know either. Anyway, if you get the chance to let me know about the tour please's my birthday that day. Still haven't cut my hair ( as per your advice ). Take Care
March 18, 2009  |  terry carter - verdun quebec canada

Your dreams have come true,Patricia as you have seen my name is Terry Carter and you may not remember me but I will quickly refresh your memory.I lived at 1054 Allard st. Verdun and you lived at 1044 Allard , you have a brother Kevin . Your cousins lived across the street ,Nancy , Rodey , patty , Judy ,Buster and good old Rita, your aunt. I had 4 brothers starting from the oldest who I think Hung out with Kevin for a while. Don , Danny , Me , Mark , who was hit by a car outside Nancy's house across the street , and brian.

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March 16, 2009  |  Bill Fagan - Traverse City MI United States

My wife and I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your performance at the Blue Bird on Saturday, March 14. I was the guy who took the picture for 5 of you. Thanks again for a great evening.
March 16, 2009  |  Richard Shames - Nashville Tennessee USA

Hi Patricia,

I heard you singing on the radio back in 1995 while I was on a vacation at Crescent Lake in the Olympic Peninsula. I was overwhelmed by your voice and talent and wrote you a note at that time. You sent me a note back. I noticed your name when I was reading the performers at the Bluebird Cafe. Well I had to work that night but I do live two blocks from the Bluebird and would love to know when you will be performing again! Cordially, Rich Shames

March 7, 2009  |  glen ireland - north battleford sask canada

hey patricia, i was looking at your tour dates,,,alot of sask dates but no north battleford, i saw you at the gold eagle casino a few years back,,loved it, you are by far my fav female country artist, would be awesome to see an acoustic show, try to swing this way if you can,,it's only 2 hours from
February 23, 2009  |  Teresa Montesano Gitto - Lakeworth Florida USA

I don't know is you remember me or not, we went to school together and I lived up the street from you . I saw your site and am very happy that you have become so successful. You deserve it, you have a God given talent and its nice that you haven't taken it for granted. Congrats and God Bless!
February 21, 2009  |  Dan Couture - Quebec Quebec Canada

Super réveil matin sur ta toune "Mauvaise journée pour trains" me convainc que tes autres "tracks" ont de la cotte! Tes racines acadiennes et irlandish te font une spécialité country tout terrain! Pourquoi ne t'ai-je pas entendu plus tôt?? Ton nouveau Fan! Dan xox
February 1, 2009  |  David Stephens - Ottawa ont Canada

Love your music and videos. Hope all goes well for you in your future endeavours. When are you coming to tour in Ottawa?
January 22, 2009  |  Dave Schnur - Mayerthorpe Alberta Canada

i`m one of your biggest, Awesomeiest, loveliest and the greatest and also perfect fan of all time too so. and as for you, you are the perfect person of all time and most of all you are the prettyiest, lovelyiest, awesomeiest and the perfect person in the whole wide world. but most of all you are the perfect singer ever of all time too. i have listend to your cassette tape and it sounds great. but at any how, how is the weather and the touring doing so far these days. will there be anymore of your best albums in the near future as well? do you think you love me as a big fan of yours if you say yes. because i know you will. but any how i have to go now so. take care and god bless, ps. please write soon. ok, bye now.
January 22, 2009  |  jim ryan - westbank bc canada

hey gal; just saying hi. i,love to talk sometime. hope yer doing good bob
December 15, 2008  |  Lorne simms - kingston nova scotia canada

Hi Patricia: I was the Loadmaster on your recent flight up north to Thule Greenland. I would just like to say it was truly an honour and a privilege to have met someone like you. Please keep up with the support the troop’s tours. We really need more people like you. Take care and from my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Lorne Simms P:S May your landing gear always be down and locked !!!

December 9, 2008  |  Mike Coates - Goose Bay Canada Labrador

Hey there, it's mike from goos bay. How are you and things? Did you make it out to Alert alright? cause when you left there was a snowstorm on the go. well, take care Mike
November 27, 2008  |  Drr. Lesavoy * Last Name - Encino CA USA

Hi Patrica your music and albums are rocking and create the new albums and the all best for your future albums
November 27, 2008  |  Hlcc Online - Latham New York USA

Hi patricia ...

I am one of the great fan of ur album. U r AWESOME and do fantastic performance Ur performance is Rocks........ I can't express my feelings. U r creating sensational. U r hard working so u reached ur goal. Keep on going . ALLTHE BEST for ur future.

November 27, 2008  |  Mike Nuttal - Ontario CA USA

Music is rocking iam a huge fan of u all the best for your future albums.
November 22, 2008  |  Gary Dyck - Port Moody BC Canada

Think about ya all the time!!! Remember the Barnet Hotel in downtown Port Moody??? Or could you possibly ever forget!!! You would be playing the main bar and I would be playing the lounge. The jam sessions .... Was many yaers ago but seems like yesterday!!! Glad to see you are still entertaining us!!! Keep it up girl!!! We all miss you here on the West Coast!!!


November 20, 2008  |  JP Touchette - Sarajevo Prov/State Bosnia

Hey Patricia, Great big thank you for a great perfomance here in SArajevo Nov 15,  The get together after was fun, Just to be able to chat and joke around and relax with stars like you and the others, Sorry about the Finnish people, HAHA.. The show was great and hope you had just as much fun in Egypt!JP
November 16, 2008  |  Donald Carter - Verdun Quebec Canada

Hi Patricia, keep up the good work girl. I was wondering if you intend to come to Montreal for a concert in the near future. Take care and I hope to catch a concert one day.
November 10, 2008  |  Tapani Knuutila - Berlin & Montreal Prov/State Germany & Canada

Big Yoho hello to Patricia, I don't know if these messages are going thru, but all my best from Berlin. Are you passing anywhere near Berlin on your Sarajevo gig? Would love to see you. Anyway, drop me a line if you get a chance. You go, girl! All the best, Tap
November 10, 2008  |  Switch Blade - Ottawa On Canada

Well do I feel like an idiot. There I sat with a true Canadian star and in fact Canadian music icon (due to talent and definitely not due to age) and I didn't know it! You were so kind and our chat, although quick, was wonderful, fun and enjoyable. I hope your tour with the troops goes exceedingly well. Thank you for your CD, I have bought and have ordered all the rest of your CDs. It was an honour.
October 22, 2008  |  Marie Lamoureux - Spruce Grove Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia and Bob, Monday Night at he the Electric Rodeo was fantastic and we are so looking forward to next year's visit. The two songs that truly stick to mind were "Mary on the Dashboard" and "Heaven is Home". I cannot wait till the latter is released. Thank you both for a wonderful evening. Drive safe and play hard!
October 13, 2008  |  Vern & Marian Buettner - Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

You go girl. Hi to Bob. Think of you often. Thanks to CJWW, we continue to enjoy your music. Like the look of your Spring Schedule. Can't wait to hear your new album. See you Soon? Keep Singing.
August 27, 2008  |  alan henderson - allegany ny usa

I would sincerely like to to write a letter to Patricia Conroy and tell her about the venues here in Western New York . Just ask Vince Gill who we just saw at the Chautauqua Ampitheater 8/22/08. We have the Senaca/ Allegany Casino( Brookes & Dunn) comming up. She would be just great!!!! We are well informed C&W people here. Is someone listening??? Thanks
August 7, 2008  |  George Leslie - Orleans Ontario Canada

Hi I met you some years ago at the Calgary Stampede when you performed on the Coca Cola stage. I thought you gave a wonderful performance and I remember telling you that you were going to be really popular some day. Now look at your career. Good work to hang in there as I really know it has been hard work and I really think you have done very well. Congratulations and Best Wishes for your future.
August 3, 2008  |  Ben O - Peachland Prov/State Canada

Hi Patricia... I love your music, but the only albums I own are "Bad Day For Trains", "You Can't Resist" and "Talking To Myself".. Are you going to re-release your Wild As The Wind and Greatest Hits album??? They seem to be all out of print!!

Also, release a new album, it's been a long time!! Keep making music, you know you want to!

July 30, 2008  |  JC Theriault - City Nouveau-Brunswick Canada

...bonjour...we met accident ! ...well ,of all my music I only have 2 country albums,Johnny Cash and Shania Twain , the rest goes from Elton John to Pink Floyd to Avril Lavigne to french singers from Quebec artists and Acadian artists ....while taping a TV show on Radio Canada I got a 10 seconds clip from you on "Pour L'amour du Country" ...well I felt in love with that 10 second 'save your breath' song , with some research on the net I was able to put a name on that face (très jolie) ...and bought the album "Talking to myself" the whole album is good ,wow go go go don't stop - vous êtes très bonne et continuez en esperant vous revoir à Pour L'amour du Country - merci et bonne chance - Jean-Claude
July 28, 2008  |  Dylan D - Calgary Alberta Canada

Hey, I can't find your song "keep me rockin' " Anywhere on the internet. Even Itunes doesn't have it. I really love that song, its so much fun! I love the video too! Can you help me locate it? I would love to put it on my ipod. You're an amazing singer!
June 3, 2008  |  alan henderson - allegany ny usa

Please,please tell me you're planning a video collection dvd of your songs! Are you going to go on tour? When? Your "NEWS" needs to be updated. Al H.
May 28, 2008  |  quality iqteq - City Prov/State Country

Very interesting site.
May 16, 2008  |  clox99 * Last Name - st-hubert que canada

patricia,,c est la premiere fois,que je te vois a la tele,,,et j adore ta voix,,bonne chance dans ta carriere,xxxxx aurevoir
May 14, 2008  |  Crystal Pacey - Perth WA Australia

Hey Patricia, I was looking up Celine Dion on LimeWire when I came across your name & I have never heard of u before so I thought that I would download one of your songs & I loved it, so I downloaded more. U have a great voice. Im going 2 buy some of your CDS. Keep up the great work. U r AWESOME!
May 14, 2008  |  Patricia Conroy

Hey everyone....Just wanted to say hello... I hope everyone is well..and please stop by patriciaconroy/myspace and feel free to leave a message ther. You can also contact me for CD info and purchase as well. Happy Spring to all!Cool
April 25, 2008  |  ALAN HENDERSON - Allegany New York USA

WOW! Where have I been! While watching a dvd about the 1995 CCMA awards and Shania Twain ( my main heart throb) I noticed you were up for single and album of the year awards. I liked your voice and purchased your "You Can't Resist' album. You "ROCK" girl! Any other year you would have won hands down. You are now #2 on my speed dial. XOXOXO Al H.
April 13, 2008  |  glen ireland - north battleford sk canada

hi patricia, i have been a great fan of yours for many years, from your first album(take me with you when you go)i was hooked. i remember hearing you for the first time and thinking"wow". your song selection is second to none, incredible. i seen you in north battleford sk a few years ago and loved it, thanx for signing my cd, i have all your cds and will be looking forward to your new one,, thanx again for alot of great music, ,,CHEERS
April 2, 2008  |  Cyndi JonesDean - Rochester New York USA

Patricia I love your voice and your stage presence is awesome!! I saw you so long ago, I believe in 1992 in Kingston, Ontario where I grew up. You were at the Iron Horse Saloon and still have our photo together. I've been waiting to updates and tour dates. Look forward to the new cd! Best wishes always, Cyndi
March 10, 2008  |  Patricia Conroy Medlin - Lake Wales Florida USA

I was shocked when I googled my maiden name and found you. I listened to your music and you really sound great. Although we are on different ends of the continent, we have country music in common. I will be looking into buying your albums and hearing some great country music. I wish you the best and keep our name living proud.
March 6, 2008  |  Melinda Haggart - Lloydminster Sk Canada

Thank you so very much for being a part of our Kinsmen Telemiracle Mar 1 & 2. As the chairperson of the Kinsmen Telemiracle Foundation I know how wonderful and giving the people of Saskatchewan are. We are all grateful that we have touch you and you help make a difference to us.
March 5, 2008  |  Sydney Ruest - Saskatoon sk canada

Hey Patricia! Stacy and I were at telemiracle in Saskatoon! I took some pictures, and was hopeing to talk to you afterwards, but it didnt work out.

You were awesome! Hope all is well! God Bless Sydney

February 12, 2008  |  Ben Oltmanns - Peachland BC Canada`

Hi Patricia.. I love your music, but haven't really heard you in a couple of years... Could you tell me if you are recording again and when can we expect a new CD? Your fans love you! I wish you were as popular now a days as Carrie Underwood and such!
January 22, 2008  |  Kat Rust - Cookeville TN Country

Nice website Pat. I'm sitting here in Cookeville TN drinking red wine with your neighbor and our friend John. Thanks for making sure John drinks good wine. Kat & Bob
January 14, 2008  |  Donna Christiansen - Quesnel B.C. Canada

Hi, I have been a fan for a long time, and then found out that my next door neighbour used to jam with you on the coast. Eddie DeSouza says hello. I would like to know why I can't find the lyrics to "Keep Me Rockin'". I play in a cover band, and we would love to do that song...We only play in places that pay to SOCAN. I'd appreciate any input, thanks, and keep me rockin' . Donna.
December 20, 2007  |  margaret hopkins - co.galway West Ireland Ireland

Hello Patrica ( Dia Dhuit)

We wish you & Bob happy christmas & all the best for the new year. with love ( lé grá) Looking forward to see you in 2009! Your cousin Margaret & Co. xx

December 12, 2007  |  Deborah Kurek - Cold Lake AB Canada

Patricia, I absolutely adore your cd Talking to Myself. I can feel what you sing and I have written alot of my own stuff listening to the lyrics. Songwriting for me is a terrific and wonderful escape from reality and while listening to other artists music it inspires, motivates and helps me write about the pain of life's experiences. I lost my dear Mother in 2004 and its been a long road. She gave me her musical writing attributes and I owe it all to her. She played guitar, sang and introduced me to country when I was a little girl. Thank you for your music and all the best to you. Deborah
December 6, 2007  |  Brittany Gould - Ottawa ON Canada

Hey Patricia I LOVE ur video 4 Its Almost Christmas!! Its so AWESOME!!! Would u happen 2 have a copy of it as a single? If so pls do let me know. Its Almost Christmas is a great xmas song & music video!! Anyways pls write when u get a chance. Brittany
November 30, 2007  |  amy rose - denver co usa

Hi Patricia. I met you in the early 90's when my band opened for you in Pueblo Colorado. I was just a young inexperienced singer then, but you invited me onto your bus and gave me great advice. You made a wonderful impression on me, and gave me the encouragement I needed. I've never forgotten it!! Thank you! I'm happy to see you are still making wonderful music.

Amy Rose

November 8, 2007  |  BEN O - peachland bc Country

Hi Patricia!!!! I have been looking for a copy of your Greatest Hits CD, but everywhere I go, it seems to be discontinued and out of print! Are you going to re-release it in Canada any time soon? Also, I heard you have a Greatest Hits DVD coming out soon. Can you tell me when? Here are the videos I want on the DVD Bad Day For Trains. What Do You Care. Keep Me Rockin'. What Else Can I Do. I Don't Wanna Be The One. Mary On The Dashboard. Ain't Nobody Like You. Direction Of Love. When. Talking To Myself

do you have a new single coming out soon? I think 'End Of The Day' could be a single! Love You Lots!

November 2, 2007  |  art ward - City co antrim n ireland

Just discovered your music....great voice, harmonies and spirit. If your over this way would love to do some images of you.
October 31, 2007  |  J. A. - Claresholm Alberta Canada

Thanks for coming to Claresholm, hope you had as much fun as the room full of folks did!
October 22, 2007  |  Andy Cole - Poole Dorset UK

Hi Patricia It was brilliant to hear your interview with Marie Crichton tonight on BBC RADIO Shropshire!. Terrific music , Great Conversation , Informative and FUN :) loved it ! :) Must be your 1st UK Radio Interview? Nice to hear old and new with 'I Don't Want To Be The One' , 'Everyday Ordinary Life' and ''Save Your Breathe' This show is available on Listen Back until Mon October 29th ...Pick up from 1 hour into the show ,The interview starts at 01:02:00 Check out

Congratulations on regaining your Female Independent Artist Award at the CCMA's ! Go Patricia!..You Rock!

Regards Andy

October 10, 2007  |  desiree sheridan - syracuse new york usa

hi patricia im desiree and im one of your biggest fans i fell in love with your music the very first time i saw your music video i dont want to be the one its my favorite video of all time and its my favorite song of yours too you have a very beautiful voice when you sing it and if i remember you for one thing it will be that song..,,i use to have the video for the song but lost it along the way i would do anything to track it down again if you could help me in anyway let me know because i miss seeing it......always be safe and happy desiree
September 11, 2007  |  Lorraine Connolly - Abingdon Maryland USA

Congratulations on the Independent Female Artist Award . Your Aunt Margaret has been keeping me informed. I am a Country Music fan and I think you are one of the best! Will you ever come to Baltimore, MD?. I would like to meet you. Lorraine
September 7, 2007  |  Michael J Evoy - Shea Heigts NL Canada

Patricia, I saw you a few times in St. John's, Newfoundland with the Huron Carole and have been a fan ever since. When are you coming back to St. John's, Newfoundland or even Moncton, New Brunswick my second home. Keep your fans posted.


August 31, 2007  |  Brennan Roasting - wetaskiwin alberta Canada




February 21, 2007  |  Steven Sachse - Saskatoon Sk Canada

I was the bartender in your "When" music video and i thought you were so cool and even more beautiful. You are an amazing artist and i will look forward to hearing you music in the future. 3 B's forever.
February 10, 2007  |  Ken Beaton - Toronto Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia So glad to learn your new album is out "Talking to Myself". I'm rushing over to Amazon to place my order. Best Wishes from one of your Toronto fans ...XOXO
February 9, 2007  |  Tom Tompkins - Hamilton Ontario Canada

Hey Patricia, you and Bob did a great job on the new CD, Talking To Myself. From beginning to end, great songs, great performances, and great production...truthfully! Hope you're well. Best regards, Tom
February 2, 2007  |  Kelly Kennedy - Edmonton AB Canada

wow, I have to say "Talking to Myself" has hit such a chord with me. That song means so much to me, and I love hearing it.

January 31, 2007  |  Donna O,Neill - Escuminac New Brunswick Canada

Hi,Patricia congratulations on your new album and belated Happy Birthday.Every one in Escuminac are rooting for you honey,.All the best in 2007 .Love&Kisses,.
January 31, 2007  |  Darlene Brown - Kamsack Sask. Canada

Hey Patricia...This is Billie's Aunt....enjoying your new CD very much.......Enjoy your web site.
January 30, 2007  |  Samantha Rothwell - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Hi Patricia, It has been too many years since I've seen you, and since I was involved with CMN and "Sounds Around Manitoba". I have stayed in touch with Michelle over the years and have been waiting for you to return to the music scene...and now that you have, I have to tell you...I'm listening!!! I'm looking forward to 2008 and the CCMAs here in The Peg. I wish you love and happiness forever. I should have checked for a website sooner, but now that I found it, I'll check in to see what you're up to. Take care...hope to see you soon!
January 28, 2007  |  MontyLane Allen - Mt.Juliet Tn. U.S.

Patricia, Awesome new record!! Songs,Vocals,Production.......Really,Really Rockin! Talented girl......glad to know ya. ML
January 18, 2007  |  Ron Ager - Nottingham Notts UK

Just received your new album and Greatest Hits, having ordered them after being encouraged to visit this site last month by Andy Cole (see entry below), who posted a note about you on the BBC Radio 2 MB/forum.

I have to say I'm impressed, just after the one listen to the new set. Lovely voice, wonderfully catchy, country/pop/rock songs, not a duff track on it. I've never been a great fan of country music but you're in danger of converting me!!! Best wishes for it, it deserves to be a huge hit, and not just in Canada.

January 16, 2007  |  Belinda Didluck - Hudson Bay saskatchewan canad

Hey Patrcia, how's it going, you know it's so awsome to hear your new music, I was at work the other day, and your new song is just so fresh i had to stop dead in my tracks and try to figure out who's beautiful voice that was, I then realized it was u and just stood and listened to the lyrics, U ROCK AND U ALWAYS WILL LOVE YA keep up the good work , u know our town of Hudson Bay is having a 100 Birthday Celebration this summer, It would be too cool if you could doo a concert here ....Wishful thinking...Thanks again....Belinda 31
January 14, 2007  |  D'Arcy DeMore - City Prov/State Country

Hi Pat I'm happy to hear that U R doing so well alot of people don't really know how many years of hard work it takes to get to where you are keep up the great work. D'Arcy
January 11, 2007  |  Bing Armstrong - Aldergrove BC Canada

Hi Patricia; WOW great website and you're lookin' Great. It's sure been a while since I last saw you Thank God for Radio. When are you comin' back to our neck of the woods? I Hope you Have the most fantastic year Ever in '07 Bing
January 2, 2007  |  Cody Couturier - Edmonton Alberta Canada

You have such amazing talent. I have always been a fan of your music and you will continue to soar for a long time to come! Thank you for so many years of great music and an incredible voice!
January 2, 2007  |  Sue Parker - Ottawa Ontario C

Hi Patricia

Just a quick note from both myself and Lise Montpetit to wish you a very Happy New Year! Hope you're in the Ottawa area this year. Lise and I will try to see ya.


January 2, 2007  |  Doreen Byrne - Brussels Belgium Country

I had the honour of seeing you perform in Mons, Belgium not to long ago. You were on your way to see the Canadian troops to do a concert. I was wondering how everything turned out and what did you think of Cairo? Love your music....
December 23, 2006  |  Andy Cole - Poole Dorset UK

Hi Patricia Happy Holidays To You and Yours! Been cranking up 'Its Almost Christmas ' today - Has to be the best feelgood Christmas song ever ! Thanks for making us all happy! :) Hope all has gone well with your single and video release in Canada? So looking forward to your new CD in 2007! Great to hear a taster from it in October on Marie Crichton's Country Show on BBC Radio Shropshire. LOVED the track 'Save Your Breath' Congrats on winning Independent Female Artist at the Canadian Country Music Awards this year. You are a wonderful artist I SO hope you make a big impact in the UK . Our Radio network needs to hear your fantastic music much more ! Your a great talent Thanks for making us all happy with your special songs. :) Wishing You Love & Luck and Success for 2007 Peace & Fondest Regards Andy Cole
December 21, 2006  |  Brian Johnson - Drayton Valley Alberta Canada

Hi Patrica. I've been a fan for a lot of years. It is great to see you getting the recognition you deserve. You are a very tallented and beautiful Lady.
December 14, 2006  |  Nick * Last Name - Toronto Ont. Canada

Hi Patricia, I've been a huge fan ever since I first heard your big hit "BAD DAY FOR TRAINS". I think your an awesome singer with a great voice. I have yet to see you live & look forward to that day. Best wishes in your career & continue putting out those great songs.
December 13, 2006  |  jackie fournier - Vacaville california U.S.A


December 9, 2006  |  Pam Lake - Maisieres Hainaut Belgium

Hi Patricia,

Thank you very much for visiting us Canadians posted here at SHAPE in Belgium. Your addition to the show was just wonderful! What a lovely early Christmas present - to have some great Canadian entertainment brought to us here. We all hope you enjoy entertaining more of our troops in Egypt. Thanks again!

November 24, 2006  |  Estelle/Phillip/Deanna Mamm - City Saskatchewan Canada

Wow lady you kick a--. Your song "Talking to myself", is a song for everyone, you touched my tear ducts. Here's hoping you'll be in Moose Jaw!... God bless.
November 17, 2006  |  Pamela Steeves - Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Hi Patricia, Thanks again for attending the CCMA in Saint John NB this year. I am so happy that you won, as you deserve the recognition. Thanks for the picture for my sister. She laughed when she saw it. We still listen to Mary on the Dashboard and we are waiting impatiently for your new album to hit the stores. Take care of yourself and know that you are always welcome for business or pleasure back here in Saint John.

November 15, 2006  |  Rob Kennedy - Cambridge On Canada

I am very honoured to have met you in Kitchener for Mega Prize. I was the cooky guy who dyed my hair red and had the canadian flag on the back of my head. Your show was fantastic, you have sensational voice in person. I wish you all the best in your career, stay healthy and hope to see you again soon. Your fan Rob

November 13, 2006  |  Roger Russell - Borden, ON

Like your music and the fact that you are CANADIAN makes it better. Will see you at Mega prize at RAMA on Nov 15th.



November 8, 2006  |  Catherine Parnell - Gallatin TN USA

Hi Patricia,

Time sure has flown by since we met in Nashville. Thanks for watching my purse in the doctors office. I tried sending an earlier e-mail to see how things went for you, but I am sure you are very busy. With the CMA's this week and getting an update from you website I thought I would try once again. Not sure if you get this so will leave out details. I hope all is going well with you and I look forward to hearing from you.

October 30, 2006  |  Kera Gonzales - Dallas TX USA

Hi Patricia, wow, it's been a long while. Remember BigFish! Johnny and I are doing great. He has a new album out. I am so glad you are doing great. Email me when you can I would love to catch up. Take care.

October 2, 2006  |  Brittany Gould - Ottawa Ontario Canada

Hey Patricia I love your song 'It's Almost Christmas' and was wondering if it's possible to get a cd with just that song only. Please write back.

Love Brittany

September 26, 2006  |  Bob Doman - Darmstadt Hessen Germany

Hello Patrica; long time no hear. This is Bob from Germany. Do you remember me? Thanks too you I am a DJ mostly of country music. If you remember the club in Babenhausen where I got lots trying too find it. Well Babenhausen post is closing this year. I just like too say that I am proud and glad too have been your driver while you was in Germany. I play your CD at my shows. I am glad that you had "Mary on my dash board" on CD. I remember when you sang it here.

Take care and I hope too hear from you.

Your Friend (Crazy Fool) Bob

September 20, 2006  |  Mike White - NB

Great to see you at the CCMA's this year . It was even better to get a chance to say hello at Fan Fest. Patricia looks even better in person ! Hope to see you back in the maritimes real soon !

September 17, 2006  |  Jonny Audio - Saint John NB Canada

Hi Patricia,

It was a pleasure working with you and meeting you at the CCMA's last week. All the best to you!!


September 17, 2006  |  Windy Jones

You are a sassy, beautiful, and talented woman!!!! I'm not blowin' smoke...I know this first hand. Congrats!!!!!!!!!I'm so proud of you! Your friend, Windy...................Trumps.

September 15, 2006  |  Andy Cole - Poole Dorset UK

Hi Patricia On behalf of your UK fans on this side of the pond Many Congratulations on winning Independent Female Artist of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards ! You certainly were up against some excellent artists with such a wealth of wonderful talent. Such an honour for an Independent artist who has everything to do to make it happen without a major label's support.

Eagerly awaiting release of your new album . Thanks to all Canadian artists whose music makes my world great. You guys ROCK! Andy

September 13, 2006  |  Barry Irwin - Calgary AB Canada

Patricia, I've never sent a fan letter that I can recall, but wanted to offer my congratulations to a terrific performer on your recent awards & accomplishments - couldn't be more deserved! I know at best this will be edited out, and at the expected worst, just be deleted, but perhaps your gatekeepers will at least pass on my appreciation to you for a great moment (for me) that is lodged in my memory bank. Any news of you or the mere mention of your name takes me back through the mists of were once gracious enough to accept a dance request from me, and jumped off the stage to take a few turns with me on the floor.....while you continued to sing!! It was totally unexpected, I was very honoured and I also learned how to avoid a microphone cord (yes, it was that long ago!) while stepping out. We never did get together for breakfast after your show as we joked, but I've always treasured the opportunity you gave me to "dance with a star"! I'm glad you have gone on to realize your dreams - nice to see it happen to one of the good guys. Thanks again for my memory, Patricia, and continued success to you. Cheers

September 12, 2006  |  Edna Allison - Miramichi NB Canada

Hi Patricia:

I just watched you on CMT and thought you sounded just great. Looking forward to getting your new album in the near future. Saw you last year here in the City. Keep up the good work.

September 12, 2006  |  Shawna Till - Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Hi Patricia, Just wanted to say hi to you. You are a beautiful lady. I just meet you at the CCMA awards. I got to hear you sing, you signed my book and my new cd. Yes i bought your new cd and it is great. I love all the songs. My favorite is "WHEN". I just wanted to tell you that your loved from everyone in my home and it was wonderful to finally meet you.xoxoxox your fan Shawna Till Fredericton,NB

September 11, 2006  |  Peggy Faulkner - Vancouver BC

Congratulations, Sis!

We are all so proud of you. We know just how worthy you are to receive the "2006 CCMA Independent Female Artist of the Year" award.


September 11, 2006  |  Teri Scaife - Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada

YEAHH FOR YOU!! Congrats Pat on your win for Independent Female Artist.

Love ya and talk to you soon.!!!!

September 11, 2006  |  Judy Harting - Stratford ON

Way to go, girl! Keep up the good work! Hope to see you sometime in the near future!

August 22, 2006  |  david carson - Ottawa ont. Canada

HI pat: You are as cute and adorable as ever. I travelled 3 hours from Ottawa to see you last Saturday at the Havelock Jamboree. You were fantastic. I met you after and got your autograph. I mentioned to you that I saw and met you ten years ago in Ottawa. You are a very down to earth person. Gotta go now, and hope you come to the Ottawa area soon. Keep up the good work! David .C Ottawa

August 14, 2006  |  Jim Steele - Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Hi Patricia, enjoyed all four of your shows at the Saskatoon Ex. Hope you win the at the CCMAs. Look forward to your next show in Saskatoon. Jim

August 10, 2006  |  Leslie Kaisla - Courtenay BC Canada

Patricia, anytime you can fit Courtenay into your tour schedule, I'll be first in line for tickets. Last time you were here was about 5 or 6 years ago. I hope you can come again! Leslie

August 2, 2006  |  Sydney Ruest - Sasktaoon Saskatchewan Canada

Hey Patricia! It's Jay's Cousin Sydney... Again. Just Wanted To Say Can't Wait To See You In Saskatoon. Dad Says We Are Going To All Shows And Mom Would Love It If You And The Whole Band Would Come Past The House And Have Coffee, And Chat. Can't Wait To See You!!!! -Sydney And The Ruest Family.
August 1, 2006  |  Stanley Hubl - Eckville Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia Glad I finally found your site.Your songs have been my favorites for quite some time. Bad day for trains was my favorite cd. Favorite song: What else can I do.I was wondering what your most active charity is? Thank you for your music and hope to see you soon. Stan & Brenda.

July 20, 2006  |  Sandi Barton - Calgary Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia Great concert in Calgary June 30th and I love your new album. We have met before at the CCMA's in Calgary over the years. I have always enjoyed your music and you are an amazing entertainer. Look forward to hearing more of your music. Here's to more GREAT Canadian Country and supporting all our amazing Canadian artists. Hope to see you again soon. Sandi

July 4, 2006  |  Israel Germán - México DF México

Hello Patricia, I wanna tell you I´m a big fan of yours. The song of yours I like the most is I don´t wanna be the one. I also wanna tell you that you are beautiful and have amazing eyes. I{d love to see you in a concert once, but I´m too far, here in México, but I´ll still be listening to your songs. You´re so cute. ¡Mi vida, eres un bombón!

July 2, 2006  |  Jim Karmin - Calgary Alberta Canada

HI Patricia, Saw your show in Calgary, June 30,2006. Your the GREATEST> Jim and Bonnie Karmin, Calgary Alberta.Hope to see you again soon.

June 10, 2006  |  Hugh Rowland - Dorval Quebec Canada

Hi Patricia, Greetings from Hugh and Peggy. We last saw you some years ago at the Casino in Ottawa where we almost got flooded by the rainstorm! Glad to see you are coming out with a new album. we love your music and sing along with you on my beat -up old guitar. Hope you will make it back to (or close to) your old hometown. Lots of love from both of us.

May 30, 2006  |  Lawrence Wayne - Berea KY USA

Hi ,you are beautiful and have the softest voice. Hope you return to Nashville or somewhere close in the future. A fan for years. Bye, and thanks

May 26, 2006  |  Pearl Amanfu - Nashville Tennessee USA

Hi, Patricia! It's been a looooong time! I thought of you today so I went searching for your website (which looks great, by the way). Hope all is well with you!


May 24, 2006  |  Brad Church - Sioux City Iowa USA

Kinda found your web site, Love your music. Really would like get a copy of "When". Keep going, you are Great . Sincerely, Brad

April 25, 2006  |  Dave (Bandit) Braden - Mooresville North Carolina USA

Hey Patricia, how's it going? I'm sure it's going great. Long time no see, I almost saw you near Montreal, but I was too late to get tickets. Hopefully you guys can get your new CD out soon, need some great old rocking country from Canada in North Carolina. Your biggest fan, Dave Braden.
April 21, 2006  |  Bruno Raeber - North Battleford SK Canada

Hi Patricia;

Just wondering if you could update us on the release date of your videos on DVD? Is Somebody's Leavin on it? IMO the BEST Video in Country music! Where can we purchase it?

April 20, 2006  |  Terry Dueck - Steinbach, Manitoba Canada

Hi Patricia. I really enjoy your music and I like your new web page. It would be neat to see you in concert. Take care.

April 3, 2006  |  Stephanie Filippi - Toronto ON Canada

Hey Patricia, it was so great to see you again after so many years! Both my friend Lisa and I had a great time last Thursday. Great show! Loved the new songs. Can't wait for the full album release! Best wishes! And a Big hello to the whole gang for me! Cheers, Stephanie

April 1, 2006  |  Kyle Haggart - Parry Sound Ontaio Canada

I was at your Parry Sound show on Friday. Really awesome. Thanx 4 coming. Have a great tour and see ya later.

March 31, 2006  |  Tim - Parry Sound Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia, I just got home from your show in Parry Sound (March 31/2006), I just wanted to say thank you for a great show, it was alot of fun. Also it was great meeting and speaking to you after the show, you are such a great person with a great talent. Thanks for the autograph photo and CD. Hope to see you in the area again REAL soon!

Best Wishes and all the Best!!!!!



March 30, 2006  |  Sara Hunt - Swindon Wiltshire England

Hi Patricia, I love your voice and your songs. I hear you have written some songs for the new Tia McGraff album due out this year. Look forward to hearing those.

March 28, 2006  |  Jessica Zeleny - Owen Sound Ontario Canada

Hello Patricia my name is Jessica. I have finally got a ticket to one of your shows, I could not go last time you were in town glad you are coming back again. Love the video when it is one of my favourites. Bad Day For Trains is my favourite song hopefully you will play that in your show. Do you sign after your shows I would really like to meet you. Thanks for all the wonderful music you record your voice is lovely.

March 25, 2006  |  Chantelle Kidd - Fort Mcmurray AB Canada

Patricia, thank you for coming and signing with your pretty voice. I danced the whole concert. Please come back and visit me soon. Love your little party girl Chantelle Kidd(the girl with the pink guitar)

March 25, 2006  |  Michelle Walker - Regina SK Canada

Hey Pat, thought I'd drop you a quick line and say hi and thanks for the amazing weekend in Nipawin! To say it was a blast would be an understatement; you're a doll and it was great meeting you - stay away from them scooters 'k?;) Love ya

March 24, 2006  |  Jann Smith - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hello, I attended your concert last evening (March 23) in St. Albert and enjoyed it ...Thanxxx and enjoy the rest of your tour.

March 22, 2006  |  Mark LaFlamme - Oshawa Ontario Canada

Dear Patricia:

I want to wish you safe travels while you promote your new album. I look forward to hearing you in concert -- either in Ontario (my home province) or Alberta (where I currently go to college).

"May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you." -- Numbers 6:24,25


Mark La Flamme

March 21, 2006  |  Val, Jaydon & Geordon Stock - Weyburn Saskatchewan Canada

We love your stuff here!!! You really are the best! Keep up your hard work and Great job @ Telemiracle. Take care and can't wait to hear some new music and see some new videos!!!!! Luv Ya

March 21, 2006  |  Nicole Bonneville - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia, You probably do not recognize my real name, but u gave my mom and I a nickname of ANNA NICOLE, some time back to help you try and remember our names. Mom and I are looking forward to seeing you in a couple days, March 23, in St Albert at the Arden Theatre. We have seen Michelle Wright there on a few occassions, it is a beautiful venue. If you receive this e mail in time could I request that you sing an Irish song of your choice for my mom as I have heard you sing one unacompanied at the Wild West Saloon and it was amazing. Excited about seeing and hearing you again. With adoration, Nicole and Anne (AKA-Anna Nicole)

March 12, 2006  |  Robert - Calgary Alberta Canada

Love the videos, keep them coming.

March 8, 2006  |  Cheryl Veld - Watrous Saskatchewan Canada

Patricia, Wanted to let you know what a great job you did at Telemirale xXx. You brought a ray of sunshine to the show. It was a pleasure meeting you and spending some time with you. Daniel and myself both agree that you are one FANTASIC and genuine person as well as a performer. We hope to see you at our next Telemiracle. Take care and best of luck with everything. All our love and respect. Daniel and Cheryl

March 5, 2006  |  Amanda Marion - Prince Albert, SK Canada

Hey There! just wanted to stop by and say  u did a great job in Regina (Telemiracle) raised alot of money for a good cause! Hope to see u soon and keep up ur great work. Hope to talk to u soon!

February 25, 2006  |  Jeri Featherley - St. Albert Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia: I'm looking so forward to experiencing the live concert at our wonderful Arden Theatre here in St. Albert. I don't ususally listen to the "new country" songs out there. My favorites are Emmylou, Bonnie, George (Jones and Strait); well you get the idea. However, you have a way with a song that can't be denied....I can't wait to see and hear you on March 23rd. Jeri

February 17, 2006  |  Clarence Pynylo - Wetaskiwin, AB Canada

I love to hear your music and watch your videos. When and where is your new CD being released?

February 15, 2006  |  Mike - London, England, UK

When are we going to get a Greatest Hits DVD?!?



Webmaster Note: A Greatest Hits DVD is in the works. Keep posted for more information.

February 11, 2006  |  George Leslie - Orleans Ontario Canada

I met you some years ago at the Calgary Stampede when you performed on the Coca Cola stage and have followed your career since then. Keep up the good work and I hope my wife and I can see you in Havlock this August. If you could sing, "Aint nobody Like you" Good luck and best wishes

February 11, 2006  |  Howard Contois - Thompson Manitoba Canada

Hi, Patricia, loved your concert here last night in Thompson. My wife and I love your music and our favourite songs are Direction of Love, Mary on the Dashboard, When and My Baby Loves Me.

Also, Thank you for allowing me to take a picture with you. I have it framed already!!!

It was really nice of you to come to Thompson, we don't get that a chance to see many country acts come through here but you're a trooper for coming here.

All the best in your career and we'll be cheering for you.

February 9, 2006  |  Loretta Brank - Nashville Tn. USA

Hi Patricia.I love to view your website.I look at all your pretty pictures.I just wanted you to know that I am a fan.....Loretta (yes, that Loretta:)

February 9, 2006  |  Michael Whelan - Renfrew Ontario Canada

Hey Patricia ,

I love your music i just bought your greatest hits, for the second time i might add lol. I would love to see you in concert. I am 21 and must say you're gorgeous lol. I too am a singer/songwriter, ... well I am trying to be I am a rocker with hopeful dreams and aspirations.

Hope To See You Sometime Soon, Michael

P.s. your music... Keeps Me Rockin'

February 8, 2006  |  ---

Patricia, we meet on the plane last night from Nashville to Minneapolis. I went to your website that you told me about, I have not been much of a country buff, but all I can say is I am now. Thanx

February 1, 2006  |  Wilma Schoales - Sebright Ont Canada

Hey Patricia. A little late for a Christmas wish so here's hoping you have a great new year. Hope all your endevours are successful. Really looking forward to seeing you in Havelock in August.

January 31, 2006  |  Cathie Foster - Fenelon Falls Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia...we look forward to seeing and hearing you at the Havelock Jamboree..good luck on your new CD release. Regards Mike & Cathie

January 30, 2006  |  Todd sigi - City Prov/State Country

hi patricia, the italian chef over here. playing on the computer and thought i would see what is up in your world. congrats on your marriage, aint' love grand! my love life... between 2 jobs, teaching cooking classes and being a father makes me well... . todd
January 29, 2006  |  Lindsay - Wawanesa/Brandon Hills, MB - Canada

Hi, I heard you were doing a concert to raise money for the Brandon Hills Church and I had to amit, I didn't know who you were(I'm not much of a country gal) so I looked you up and wow! you can sing!

January 27, 2006  |  Scott Buchholz - Aurora Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia! Hoping to hear more from your CD this year. Love the song, "When". My wife and I wondered for years if you were gone from music for good; it'd been so long. And is there a release date for the CD? We're planning on going to the Havelock Jamboree this summer. We're looking forward to seeing you live and, hopefully, meeting you in person. My wife and I are big supporters of our Canadian talent and always want them to do well. Here's wishing you a successful 2006!

Scott & Linda

January 25, 2006  |  Helen Mitchell - South Shields Tyne and Wear England

Dear Patricia. Wanted to write and say hey. Hope you are having a great start to 2006. .....I actually knew of you already from CMT Europe when we had it, and I have 'You Can't Resist' CD, can't believe it's 12 years old! I love most of the tracks on 'You Can't Resist' and I adore 'Mary on the Dashboard'. Is your second CD still available? I am about to order your Greatest Hits CD....and am looking forward to your new one...when is it out? Do you plan to come to the UK anytime soon? Please come up here to the Northeast too - I would LOVE to see you live... I would love to hear from you when you get a chance..... Love from Helen XX

Note from Patricia: Thanks for the kind words. Keep posted for news on the new CD, 'Talking to Myself'. I would love to come to the UK and am looking into that possibility. Keep checking back for tour dates...

January 20, 2006  |  Brian Giglia - Nashville TN USA

Hey Patricia, I heard you at the Bluebird Cafe in October 2005. You have an amazing voice and you're a great guitarist as well. Will you be back in Nashville anytime soon?

January 17, 2006  |  Allyson Nichols - Toronto Ontario Canada

I have to know who cuts Patricia Conroys hair it's the most incredibly cool/wild hair any country artist has... hands down! Thanks, oh her music is fab too!

Note from Patricia: Thanks for the note. I go to Earl Cox at "Trumps" in Nashville. He does alot of other country artists...Martina McBride is one of his clients.

January 11, 2006  |  Jeff F. - Woodstock Ontario Canada

I have heard "It's Almost Christmas" but have never seen it till now, even if a little late. I know what I would liked to have found in my stocking! Great song, awesome site. Good luck with the new CD Patricia.

December 30, 2005  |  Kelly Pys - Cambridge ON Canada

Hi Patricia I just wanted to say a quick hello, I met you YEARS ago when I worked with your mom in Etobicoke, ON. Then you came to the big town of Plattsville, ON and put on a great show there. I'm so happy to see how well you are doing ... all the best in the New Year!!

Kelly Pys (Dunn)

December 28, 2005  |  Tina Doyon - Amherstburg Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia, I have watched your christmas video everyday that CMT played it. Alexa, my daughter the elf, loves it and loves you. She talks about you everyday and sings your song. I would love to get a copy of the picture of you and the kids for her if that would be possible. I can't wait for your new CD to come out. I will definitely get it.

Tina and Alexa.

December 27, 2005  |  Lucy Nichols

Where did you get the plaid skirt in the "It's Almost Christmas" video?

The plaid skirt in the video is from"Bebe". You might try going online and check with them. Happy shopping!

December 26, 2005  |  Andrew McGarry - Maynooth, Kildare Ireland

Hello Patricia, Christmas greetings from Ireland, love your music and am looking forward to the new album. Any chance of a visit over here in 2006?

December 25, 2005  |  Tim Boyd - Cloverdale BC

Wow Patricia, You just keep getting better!

Sure wish you had brought out your music in the "stormy Monday" days. Still playing bass!


December 22, 2005  |  Andy Cole - Poole Dorset UK

Hi Patricia Thanks so much for the site info. Just heard the Christmas single 'Its Almost Christmas' Wow! I absolutely LOVE IT ..Woohoo!...So feelgood. I started a discussion this week on the BBC Radio 2 Country message boards about Christmas Songs. So I'll now be spreading the word BIGTIME on this fab track. What a Stocking Filler ..Thank you so much. So looking forward to your new album and every success with it in the New Year . It has been truly wonderful to discover your music this year. Love & Luck to you for 2006!
December 22, 2005  |  Cheryl Nichols

I love the skirt you are wearing in the It's Almost Christmas video. Where could I find something like this? Thanks

Note from Patricia: Hey Cheryl! Those "mexican" style skirts are all over Nashville.  I got mine at one of my favourite stores; T.J.Max. There is a similar chain in Canada called "Winners". Happy Holidays and Happy shopping!!

December 22, 2005  |  Holiday Message from Patricia!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to spread some love and wish everyone a Happy Holiday and much joy in the New Year! It's been alot of fun getting this site up and running and your input has been overwhelming! Thank you for all your messages....keep them coming! This is going to be an incredible year. A brand new CD, lots of touring and special events. I hope to see some of you when I come to your town! Keep safe and blessings to all!!


December 22, 2005  |  David - Quebec, Canada

Hi Patricia, I hope you play in Montreal soon and I get the chance to meet you. We are so proud of you as a Canadian. I put you second to no one! Your so good looking too! Merry Christmas Patricia to you and your family, God bless Dave Maye

December 16, 2005  |  Sydney Ruest - Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Hey Patricia!! I don't know if you remember me... but I am Jay's Cousin! I Love your new song! Can't get enough of it, but need-less to say, my favorite song is still mary on the dash board. God Bless. [Lots of love from us to you] -Sydney Ruest. Sk.
December 11, 2005  |  Jukka Ylatupa - Espoo, Finland

Hello Patricia, I have been listening to your Greatest Hits for quite a while now and have liked every minute of that process. Now I am very happy to read that there is finally a new album coming out and very soon, too. Thanks a lot! Are there any plans to release it internationally, say in Europe? How do I get it? Thanks for being the soul of Canadian country music scene. Thanks and best regards, Jukka

The new CD, "Talking to Myself", will be available for international purchase online in early 2006! It will also be available for digital download as well. Watch for details.

December 10, 2005  |  Suzanne

Hello Patricia, You are one of a kind. We see how so natural you are. Beautiful! We were so excited to hear you were going to be in Thompson Feb. 2006. I lived there for 15 years and do have two sisters there. My twin 12 year old girls are so.... looking foward to being there. One keeps on saying she will be Patricia junior. Hope to see you in 2006. Take good care and the girls are keeping you close to their heart. Suzanne

December 5, 2005  |  Chlorn Jimmo - New Brunswick

Hi Patricia. Thanks for visiting us when you were down to the Miramichi. So proud of you and think your the greatest! Wishing You A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 3, 2005  |  Bruno - North Battleford Saskatchewan Canada

Hi Patricia;

I was wondering of they will be releasing your Album covers as Desktop Wallpaper?

Coming in early 2006. Stay tuned!

November 14, 2005  |  P Greavette - Gravenhurst Ontario Canada

I absolutely love your song 'When'. It is such a smart song. So well composed and arranged.

I am so disappointed that it is not on the radio more often. I think the public missed a timeless classic tune, but I didn't!

November 10, 2005  |  Jim Durst - Albuquerque, NM USA

I loved hearing your songs for the first time at the Bluebird in Nashville.

All the best, Jim

November 5, 2005  |  Claude Pepin - Trois-Rivières Québec Canada

I am a great fan of yours. I really like your songs. I bought all your CDs. Continue doing a great job.

October 9, 2005  |  Clarence Pynylo - Wetaskiwin Alberta Canada

Patricia you are the greatest and am looking forward to seeing you in March in St Albert. When and where can I pick up your latest disc?

The new CD, "Talking to Myself", will be in stores across Canada in early 2006!

October 5, 2005  |  Jim - Carrot River, SK

Hi Patricia. Congratulation to you and Bob. You may not remember me but I met you at Salmon Valley north of Prince George B.C. I come from Carrot River Sask. I was wondering when your new disc would be out. I hope to see you at the Sask Country Music Awards.
September 26, 2005  |  ------- Parry Sound Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia, just found out you will be coming to do a show for us small town people of Parry Sound Ontario, got my ticket and looking forward to seeing you in March 2006. Thanks for you excellent work.

September 24, 2005  |  Karen A - Ottawa Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia,

I love your song When. Today it officially became my theme song. Today is the day I start my life over. The only question is When? Thanks for the song.


September 23, 2005  |  Jeff Woitas - Regina, SK

I really love your new single "When" but tell me where were you born?

-Montreal, Quebec

September 22, 2005  |  Ina Ewen - Ituna SK, Canada

Hey Miss P, Would just like to let you know first of all that I think you are an awesome artist I saw your centennial concert in Yorkton and have listened to you over the years.
September 21, 2005  |  David Maye - Pointe Claire, Quebec Canada

Hi Patricia, your gorgeous! My favorite tune is "Bad Day For Trains." When will you be back to Montreal? I missed your performance when you played Laval. You are very under rated as a performer. I hope your in good health. Any chance of a signed photo? God Bless
September 14, 2005  |  Juan Guillen - Toronto ON Canada

You're ONE HOT MAMA, "When " is the best. and you're above the rest
September 9, 2005  |  Carolyn - Newfoundland

Your song, "When", just blows me away, your voice is super awesome! You keep on singing, girl.

September 4, 2005  |  Ken Fan - Toronto Ontario Canada

Patricia, I have a videotape of your CBC special from 1995 (time approx.) And guess whose special is also on the same tape? Emmylou Harris' Wrecking Ball PBS special from the same period is. You have to know I cherish it. Because Patricia says on her special program that she is a fan of Emmylou Harris (and so am I) it has special meaning to me. How's that for coincidence? Thought I'd share this.

August 30, 2005  |  Robin Kaizer - Nova Scotia Canada

I watched you on Breakfast Television on ASN and thought you were great. It was the first I had heard you, I guess you could say I am a new fan! I thought your hairstyle was great but I haven't been able to find a picture that could duplicate it on me. Here's hoping I find it! Keep up the great work!

August 27, 2005  |  Terry Dueck - Steinbach, MB

Hi Patricia. I really enjoy your music. You have an awesome voice. I would really like to hear you in concert sometime and was wondering if there are any Canadian tours coming up. You are one of my favorite singers. Bye for now!

Webmaster's note: All of Patricia's tour dates can be found by clicking on the "On Tour" link at the top, or click here.

August 23, 2005  |  Theresa Jimmo - Victoria BC Canada

I have your beautiful picture of you in my travelling scrapbook. I look forward to you coming to Victoria to sing again!

August 22, 2005  |  Jason Zhang - Toronto ON Canada

Hi Patricia:

It's a great feeling to leave a message for you. Since I landed in Toronto two years ago, I have become a country music fan. I listen to country music all day long while eating, reading. When your new song "When" starts to play on radio, I could not help stopping my reading immediately and enjoy it -the most beautiful song this year. I am looking forward to watching your show in Toronto someday.

August 21, 2005  |  ---

'When' is the best country song of 2005 !

Thanks, it also is a super cool video !

August 17, 2005  |  Jimmie Kobayashi - Kelowna B.C. Canada

Hi Patricia. Haven't seen you for a long time. I am enjoying your music. If you come to Kelowna again be sure to let me know.

August 14, 2005  |  B Cheverie - Ontario, Canada

Hello Patricia;

Just wanted to say I think you are truly the greatest performer. You're a pleasure to listen to, and to see!

August 9, 2005  |  Heather Thomas - Miramichi NB CA

Hi Patricia, Just wanted to drop you a line to say Hi and how pleased I am to have made your aquaintance this past weekend on the Miramichi. It was great getting to know you a bit. Also to say thanks for the CD and photo. Hope you get back to the Miramichi again!

Yours, Heather

August 4, 2005  |  Shila Marie - Edmonton Alberta Canada

Hey Patricia, I love your new video! It's nice to hear some new music from you. Have a great year!

August 3, 2005  |  Crystal Lynch - New Glasgow N.S. Canada

Hi Patricia! Saw you perform this morning on Breakfast Television in Halifax. You did a great job! I love that song! Love your new look! The hair rocks!

August 2, 2005  |  Brandon Conroy - Cozad Nebraska USA

Well just wanted to say thank you for making the Conroy name worth something.

August 1, 2005  |  David Zinck - Bridgewater Nova Scotia Canada

Loved the concert at the Bridgewater Exhibition Saturday nite! Love ya Trish!

July 31, 2005  |  Angela Dagley - South Shore Exhibition, Bridgewater Nova Scotia Canada

Hey Patricia, Just wanted to thank you for coming to the South Shore Exhibition this year. I've followed all those the years and really enjoy your soft toned voice and always wanted to see you perform. I finally got my chance last night. Being right in front of you by the stage I can see you really put so my soul into your music. Your energetic, great sense of humor, just a great down to earth person.I certainly you make it down again to Bridgewater. I would love to hear you perform again. I waitied for months for July 30th to come and I'm glad I went. Thanks for a great evening!!

July 24, 2005  |  Joanne Richard - Fort McMurray Alberta Canada

Hey Patricia! Love the new single. Can't wait to buy the new CD. So proud of you, can't wait till I get to see you perform again. We love you lots and take care.

July 21, 2005  |  Message from Patricia

Hi everyone!

 I just wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know that I've read all of your messages and appreciate each and every one of them! I wanted to share a little of what I've been up to recently. My band and I went over to Bosnia early July to entertain the troops. They were amazing men and women and we were the ones who got entertained!!! Lots of stories and laughs; we even had a jam session one evening so they could do some singing! They really appreciated us being there for Canada Day and, hopefully, we'll get to visit again.

After Bosnia we went almost directly to Yellowknife. Phew!! We were well looked after and I was given a pair of handmade moccasins!!! Cool! Then we were off to Calgary..........

Calgary Stampede was the usual party! Everyone should experience it once!! Everyone is dressed western style (even the bank tellers) and the festivities start early in the morning and go til early the next morning!!! Help! We visited and worked with Aaron Pritchett, Clayton Bellamy and Lisa Brokop. Alot of fun....look forward to next year!

Well, I'm off again, back to Alberta. It's Rockyford this time.

 Can't wait til we release my new cd....I'm excited!!! I'll keep you posted. Be good and stay positive. Love to all


July 20, 2005  |  George Witz - Coquitlam BC Canada

Hey Patricia,

Love your web site. Am looking forward to hearing your new CD. All the best!

July 20, 2005  |  Dianne Rose - Calgary, AB, Canada

Hello, from a old friend from Montreal. We are so proud of you and what you have done with your music. Will you be in Calgary for the CCMA's? I hope to see you then. I am also trying to get to the Rockyford Rodeo. Good Luck.


July 20, 2005  |  Andy Pearman - High Point North Carolina USA

Hello Patricia

Just discovered you last week while on a business trip to Nova Scotia and have been burning up the pavement down here in Carolina looking for anything of your I can find. No luck. I really have taken a liking to your newest song and from what Ive heard on your website, I cant wait to get a hold of some of your past recordings. Can't wait to the new CD comes out. Hopefully I will have better luck finding that one. Hope to see you in Nashville soon. You got the sound of todays country here in the USA. Thanks and take care.

Webmaster note: Patricia's merchandise can be purchased online here.

July 19, 2005  |  Larry Olson - Chilliwack BC Canada

Hi Patricia,

Glad to see that things are going well for you. You are looking great, as always! Congrats on your marriage. From an old friend......

Larry Olson

July 19, 2005  |  Simone R - Calgary Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia, My boyfriend and I were at your concert at the Westerner Hotel in Calgary during Stampede. We were the couple that accidentally ended up in your dressing room before the show when we were given the wrong location. The last song you sang that night was actually our first dance together, and for the life of me, I can?t remember what song it was. I must have been too caught up in the moment. If you remember would you mind posting the title, or e-mailing me. Thanks S


Webmaster replies: The song was "My Baby Loves Me (Just the Way that I Am)"! It can be found on her Greatest Hits CD found here.

July 18, 2005  |  Caper :) - Nova Scotia - Canada

Patricia--if you ever do read these comments I want you to know that your song WHEN has made me realize that I'LL BE ALRIGHT AGAIN< GUESS THE ONLY QUESTION IS--WHEN!?? Thanks. Even though it wasn't written FOR ME the timing was amazing and is helping me thru one of the BIGGEST HURDLES in my life!!! Keep up the super work!

July 17, 2005  |  Ken - Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi Patricia, I'm so glad I discovered your Official Website. You were kind enough to autograph and return a picture I sent you a while back. Many thanks. Please come to Toronto soon.


July 16, 2005  |  Rae Fullerton - Saskatoon SK Canada

Dear Patricia, We have met on two occassions, both of which you have very graciously given me permission to send you some of my songs. In my mind and ears you are the ulitmate entertainer/singer and dearly wanted to send you the ultimate song...Guess you are already receiving them, as "When" is awesome! *smiles* I look so forward to your next visit to Saskatoon and guarantee, I will have a handful of tunes to pass along..they are finally ready! My warmest wishes to you and yours in the future. You are one of those stars in the sky, that shines constant. Shy but working on it in S'toon..Rae

July 12, 2005  |  Chris Milian - Albany NY USA

Patricia, Photographed you on the Canadian Pacific Christmas Train in Saratoga Springs NY , Hope to see you soon down here. Chris Milian
July 12, 2005  |  Russell Jackson - Ladysmith B.C. Canada

Congrats on your video, hope to see you in Calgary with Virgil. The Rocky Creek Pub is no more so the leather jacket is a collectors item - 20 condominiums. Keep me rockin' - Russ

July 5, 2005  |  Joanne Hurley - Toronto ON Canada

Hi Patricia. I've been a fan of your music for many years. Heard "When". It's really good! When will the new CD be released?

July 5, 2005  |  Pearl Byers - Oshawa, ON Canada

Hey Patricia and the rest of the band! Glad to see your website, now we can keep in touch. Love the new song and video "When", can't wait for the release of the CD! Come to Ontario soon, okay? Anywhere in Ontario and I'll make sure I'll get there! Love from Pearl (old Calgary Stampeder! 10 -almost 11 -years ago now!)

July 5, 2005  |  L Baby

Hey Miss P! The site looks great. You look better than ever. Too bad your ankles are so thick! Love you xxL

June 30, 2005  |  Cindy H


Long time no hear from sister! Married no less - Good for you, and the new music rocks! I know its been awhile. I hope to see you on the west coast soon, so we can catch up. All the best - Cindy H

June 29, 2005  |  David Fraser - Lindsay Ontario Canada

Hi Pat. It's been along time, how are you? I have not heard from you for a long time. We spoke about family in Peterborough back in 1996 and we discovered that we are family. David Fraser

June 26, 2005  |  Ken Gates - Milden, SK - CANADA

Patricia, Caught part of your interview on the "Made in Canada" show on CJWW in Saskatoon today. Was an interesting interview and made note of your website, which is really quite good and nice to have. Still hoping to meet you one of these days before too long, and would like to catch one of your shows. All the best and say hi to Bob for me!

June 15, 2005  |  Caroline Schmidt (Conroy) - Galway, Ireland

Hi Patricia, your Irish cousins here. Absolutely fabulous site, your new song is lovely, loved the pics of when you were here in Ireland last year. When are you coming again for a tour? Wishing you the best of luck with your new CD!! Lots of love, your cousins, Caroline & Torsten and all the Conroy family. X

June 12, 2005  |  Phyllis Mctague - Lachine, Quebec, Canada

Hey Patricia - We grew up together on Old Orchard and even way back then when you were about 8 yrs. old you knew that someday you would be a star!!! Your new song "When" is great and you look amazing!! It was nice to hear that you were able to visit Ireland, that must have been another dream come true. Keep up the good work, I admire your determination and your committment to realizing your dreams and becoming the star that you are.

June 10, 2005  |  David Carson - Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Hi Patricia. Love your new video 'When'. Congratulations on your recent marriage. I guess somebody else's loss is somebody else's gain. I hope you come to perform in Ottawa in the near future.You are still as gorgeous and talented as ever. All the best for the future. Your admirer and fan, David.
June 9, 2005  |  France & Mel - Moncton, New Brunswick Canada

Hi Patricia!!

Just writing to say hello.....we met you last night at the recording of "Pour l'Amour du Country" in Moncton. Sooo nice to have met you.....we listened to you on the radio this morning! Good job!! Good luck with your next few performances and hopefully we can see your perform....either back in NB or CALGARY!!!!!

June 7, 2005  |  Danny Latham - Regina Sask Country

Hi Patricia!! Danny here!!! Yep I'm still alive!!! Living in Regina, LOVE THE NEW SONG!!! Drop me a line if ya can Say hi to everyone Love Danny

June 5, 2005  |  Frank Bruno - Toronto, ON CANADA





Frank Bruno

May 31, 2005  |  Dave Cook - Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Manitoba

Good to see you're back - big fan of yours, learning all your stuff on my bass. Hopefully I will get to meet you and your band one of these days. Bye for now and good luck.


Dave Cook

May 29, 2005  |  Fred - Kamloops, BC

Patricia -



May 23, 2005  |  Dinah Brein - Bainbridge Island Washington USA

I miss those blue eyes and goofy smile but I love seeing you doing well.

xoxo Dinah

May 23, 2005  |  Anthony

Hi Patricia - Just saw When on TV. It looks great and you are better than ever. Best of luck!!!
May 15, 2005  |  Darren Holmberg - Eastend Saskatchewan Canada

Hi Patricia, It's great to that you have a new album coming out soon. All your fans are eagerly awaiting its release. If "When" is an indication the album will be well worth the wait. Hope the new single, video and album are a huge success, in Canada and around the world. You are such a talented singer/songwriter/performer that I just wanted you to know that all your hard work, dedication and sacrifices made for your craft are greatly appreciated by the fans. Sincerely, Darren

May 11, 2005  |  Maygen Kardash - Saskatoon, SK Canada

Hi Patricia, it's Maygen (wardrobe stylist on set for your video "When"). I just wanted to congratulate you on your success and let all your fans know how truly sweet and fun you are on and off set. You deserve everything positive thing that comes your way!

May 11, 2005  |  Tony Hammonds - Hammondville Alabama US

Hey "PattySue", Very nice website and "When" is a good'un
May 3, 2005  |  Paul Ramlow - Columbus Ohio USA

This is a dream come true! A new Patricia Conroy CD! I can't wait to hear it. I love "When" and I'm sure every other song will be great as well.

May 3, 2005  |  Darren - Cayman Islands

You are so amazing! Very beautiful, and very talented... "Keep Me Rockin'"!!!!

April 26, 2005  |  Martin Matychuk - Victoria B.C. Canada

Hi Pat..Long time no see, or hear. I was listening to JR country and heard your new single. Great stuff! Look forward to buying the new CD. Keep on a rockin'..........
April 25, 2005  |  Tom Gascon - USA

That song is a Hit! Now if we could only get the crazy radio stations in the U.S. to play it!

Looking forward to seeing all of the video and hearing the next CD.


April 23, 2005  |  Spencer Smith - Kelowna BC Canada

Patricia, I think you're awesome. I saw you perform twice in 2003. Once at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival and once at the Fire in the Mountain benefit concert in Kamloops. I enjoy your music and I really enjoy your new songs that you perfomed at those concerts. I just moved to Kelowna and I hope you come and perform.

Love Spencer

April 18, 2005  |   Colette - Nashville - USA

What a great video. You look beautiful as always. The song is great we are praying for tons of air play.
April 18, 2005  |  Kingshrub - Brandon MB Canada

Hey Baby!! You look and sound fantastic as always!! Hope to see you this summer.

April 18, 2005  |  Jeanette Weisgerber

Hi Patricia. Just watched and listened to your new video "When" online. I loved it and as always you look wonderful!! Hope it gets lots of air time and that it is a big success. Take care.

April 17, 2005  |  Shauna Rae - Nashville TN USA

You look and sound better than looks great!
April 17, 2005  |  Monica - Franklin, TN USA

I think 'When' is great Patricia. I like it better each time I hear it. I am no expert but you look and sound great. Best of luck!


April 16, 2005  |  Crazy Carmen - Canada

It's official...I love Patricia Conroy!!! Hey there girley, saw the new video today (and went straight away to request to see it again on CMT like EVERYONE should do so it can go number 1)...and absolutely loved it...seriously girlfriend...hotter than ever! Cant wait to see y'all back in Canuckville this summer! Just a matter now of...WHEN...

April 16, 2005  |  Arlene Gold - Nashville

Hi Patricia You are so beautiful and adorable and you have such an immediately recognizable unique and fun to listen to voice - and your songs are special and singable! You should be a giant star! Go Girl xxxxxx

April 16, 2005  |  USA

Looks and sounds REALLY great Miss P. Praying for lots of AIRPLAY!!!!

April 16, 2005  |  Andy Cole - Poole Dorset England

Hi Patricia...So pleased to have found your website thanks to Billie Joyce. I'm sorry that I have only discovered you recently via a UK Country Internet Show called 'Cross Country' I cannot understand why on earth you haven't been played on the BBC Country Radio stations?

I have your album 'You Can't Resist' and think it is SENSATIONAL ! Just love your voice to bits. Can't wait to find more of your music...'You Can't Resist it' See you've written for another fav Candian artist Lisa Brokop..Wow! Every success with new video & album

Best Wishes 'from across the pond' from a Very Happy UK Fan Regards Andy Cole

April 15, 2005  |  Mersaidee Soules - Nashville TN USA

Just voted for your new hot hot hot video WHEN....

Mersaidee Soules

April 15, 2005  |  Lee Ann - Canada


I can't wait to see the video...if it is anywhere as good as the song you better pack...cause you're going to the moon.


Lee Ann

April 14, 2005  |   Tiernee

How are you? From Tiernee, Connamara

April 14, 2005  |  John Burchell - New Waterford Nova Scotia Canada

Hi Patricia, I love your new video I just saw. It looks great!


April 3, 2005  |  Curtis Cardinal - Saskatoon, SK

Hey Patricia, wondering when your new video "When", is going to be released? My name is Curtis Cardinal, I was part of the shoot in Saskatoon when you shot it at Earls. Always been a fan from the time I met you in Prince George B.C. with my big sister Pat at the National Hotel. I wish you have the best of luck for your life and career, always and forever your number 1 fan............Curtis Cardinal
March 31, 2005  |  Mike Pavich - South Holland Illinois USA

Hi Patricia. It's great to hear that you're going to have new music coming out. We hope your touring brings you somewhere near the Chicago area. You have a terrific website. Really well done. All the best. Mike

March 29, 2005  |  Donna May - Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Hi Patricia. We've missed you so much! We did a couple interviews back in the day and I was actually listening to one the other day!! Great memories. Congratulations on all the wonderful things coming your way. You deserve it girl. Hope to see you soon around southern Alberta!!!!

March 28, 2005  |   Rachel Connolly - Neral - Abingdon MD USA

Congratulations on your website, new video and marriage! I love country, rock, and some pop and have CDs of Sheryl Crow, Alison Kraus and the Beatles. I?ll have to add your greatest hits CD and your new CD to my collection. If you?re ever in the Baltimore area singing let us know. Best wishes on your career - Rachel

March 26, 2005  |  Barry Sproule - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

I'm hoping that you come to Winnipeg soon, but if not are you releasing a DVD of your videos? If I can't see you on stage I figure a video would have to do.Thank you.
March 19, 2005  |  Sy G. - Montreal Quebec Canada

Hey Patricia! Great site and been waiting for some great new songs from a great talented singer/songwriter like yourself who has become an inspiration and idol not just for myself, but for others as well! Ciao fellow Montrealer and p.s., it'll be great to have you perform back home in our great little island to the North, Montreal!!! Thanks!!

March 19, 2005  |  Doug - Kingston Ont Canada

Love your music. I am looking forward to your new CD, fantastic web sight. Great pics, you're as beautiful as ever, can't wait for your next video. Best wishes for the coming year and beyond.

March 19, 2005  |  Margaret Gervais - Ottawa ON Canada

Hi Patricia - Congratulations on your new website. I love it and you.

March 18, 2005  |  Holly N - Coquitlam BC Canada

From a long time fan, can't wait for you new single. All the best. Great site by the way!!!
March 17, 2005  |  Peter Walker - Oshawa ON Canada

Wow- love the new tune and the new website...can't wait to hear the rest of the album!
March 12, 2005  |  Bruno - North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

Great New Site Patricia! REALLY looking forward to the new CD!!!! Miss Ya LOTS!!!!
March 2, 2005  |  Mike Panzarella - Nashville Tn USA

This site is awesome, another quality production from Patricia!

February 14, 2005  |  Terri Folk - Sturgis Sk Canada

Hey there big brother. Just thought I'd write and say hello. Happy belated birthday to Patricia. Sorry we couldn"t see you when you were shooting the video. We had winter carnival, and Kaeleigh's 1st skating appearance. Hope you had a chance to visit with Mom and Dad. Talk to you soon. Terri
February 13, 2005  |  Troy - Toronto, Canada

Hello Patricia,

I love all your stuff and I am really looking forward to your new CD! Hope to see you on tour as well! Take care.

February 13, 2005  |  Hutch

Hey Honey,

Great new site. Looking forward to new release! Belated Happy Birthday.

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